Rules for Posting Scanner Activity on TCSNWB

1. Incident Addresses. Never post exact incident addresses unless we are referring to a popular landmark; we use block numbers when talking about residences in particular, in order to keep privacy of those involved. Example: If there was a shooting in the 500 block of Plum Street, post that instead of saying it happened at Jack in the Box, for example – there’s not really a need to identify the place of business or residence involved until released by the police in a press release.

2. Suspect/POI Descriptions. Never post a suspect or person of interest description unless there is either an immediate threat to the public; or the police put out an official “Attempt to Locate” (ATL) broadcast over the scanner.

3. Police Safety. Do not post “move by move” updates of pursuits, SWAT/negotiation calls, etc. until after the event is over. For example, we may post that there is a foot pursuit starting southbound on Capitol Way from 4th Avenue and containment is being set. At that point, we don’t post specific updates (they believe he is under the trailer behind the building, etc.) unless the incident shifts to a different area.  As for SWAT/Active Negotiations – we may post that there is an active negotiation occurring in the 1110 blk. of Legion Way, and suggest that you avoid the area. After that, only post major updates, or things like “this is still in progress” Do not post updates that will reveal officer positions, or equipment deployed giving away tactical information.

4. Accidents & Vehicle Descriptions. Never post vehicle descriptions involved in an accident or license plates. Photos are allowed to be posted that may show the vehicle(s) involved but obscure the license plate or any revealing information (bumper stickers, etc) Don’t respond to people’s comments asking what type of vehicle was involved – or say that we don’t know. A lot of times that is missed on the original dispatch anyway. We don’t need anyone finding out information about family or friends via our page.

5. Tips from the public. Take some caution in posting tips from the public without verification. Accidents usually are ok, things like that. But anything major should be verified either via the scanner or via a police/fire press release before posting.

General Facebook Page Rules – for admins and the public.

  • Absolutely NO bashing of Police/Fire/EMS personnel. If you have something to say, we suggest you file a complaint with that agency.
  • No posting in all caps. That’s just screaming, and if we don’t want you screaming in person, why would we want you screaming online?
  • Expletives. No F word or S word, otherwise we’re usually fine unless it’s targeted at someone.
  • No arguing with others. Treat others and the admins with respect.

Anybody violating these rules consistently will be banned; and any comments that violate them will be deleted or hidden.