Suspect identified in serial bomb threats made to State offices

Suspect identified in serial bomb threats made to State offices

The Washington State Patrol has identified the suspect in the recent rash of bomb threats that have been phoned in to Washington State offices in the last two months as Dr. Said Farzad, a former psychiatrist in Gig Harbor.

The State Patrol says he is currently not in the United States, and the threats are being phoned in from other countries.

He is suspected in 18 bomb threat cases, 8 of which have occurred in the last month or so. He is suspected of making threats to Idaho State Offices, as well as Molina Healthcare offices several years ago.

The reason behind Farzad’s threats is believed to be that the State of Washington suspended his psychiatry license in 2014 “due to allegations that he is unable to practice with reasonable skill and safety to consumers by reason of a mental condition.”

Further in his past, Farzad was under investigation in 2013 for crossing physician-patient boundaries in 2013 with two female patients, one of which was an adolescent, according to a KOMO News report from 2014. The reported stated “While health officials believe the relationships were improper, they do not believe they were sexual”

According to the State Patrol, Farzad is now on a watch list that would “flag him for arrest should he attempt to reenter the United States”.

Even though he has been identified as the suspect, the state agencies receiving the threats will continue to take them seriously and staff members at state agencies will also receive additional training on how to deal with these situations.

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