OPD: Investigation ongoing into death of  Yvonne McDonald, detectives looking for info

OPD: Investigation ongoing into death of Yvonne McDonald, detectives looking for info

On August 7, 2018 at about 7 a.m., Olympia Police and the Olympia Fire Department were dispatched to a report of a woman lying in the yard of a private residence in the 900 block of Division Street NW. Fire personnel rendered immediate medical care to the woman, identified as Yvonne McDonald, a 56 year-old Olympia resident. Ms. McDonald was partially clothed at the time she was found. She was transported to St. Peter Hospital where further medical treatment was rendered. Ms. McDonald died at the hospital. Due to the circumstances, the Olympia Police Investigations Division was notified and investigators were immediately assigned to begin an investigation into Ms. McDonald’s death.

As is protocol in death investigations, the Thurston County Coroner’s Office was also notified. A deputy coroner was assigned to this matter as well. An autopsy was conducted on Ms. McDonald. A forensic pathologist conducted that exam. The results are currently listed as pending. No official ruling on Ms. McDonald’s cause and/or manner of death has been made at this time. Toxicology results, which may shed some light on Ms. McDonald’s death, will not be available for some time. These results sometimes take months.

The Olympia Police Department, like our community, is very concerned about the circumstances surrounding Yvonne McDonald’s death. A full and thorough investigation has been undertaken and is still very much open. Detectives with OPD and the assigned deputy coroner have been in close contact with Ms. McDonald’s family since shortly after she died.

As with all investigations, Olympia Police Department staff are keeping an open mind while seeking facts to establish whether a crime has been committed or whether Ms. McDonald died of another cause. In order to respect Ms. McDonald’s medical privacy, some of those details will not be available right now. Investigators are currently assigned to this matter and are actively engaged in seeking clarity surrounding this unfortunate situation. Those investigators are seeking the public’s assistance. If you have information that may be useful, please contact Olympia Police Detective Al Weinnig at (360)753-8300 or aweinnig@ci.olympia.wa.us.

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