Olympia May Day 2018 unexpectedly uneventful

Olympia May Day 2018 unexpectedly uneventful

Give or take a couple broken windows at a bank in Lacey, a few disorderly people at the house of Olympia Mayor Cheryl Selby, and a group at Sylvester Park singing anti-government chants, May Day in Olympia was largely uneventful this year.

Lacey Police responded to a report of vandalism at Wells Fargo Bank on Sleater Kinney Road at 5:30 am on May 1st. Officers arrived to find windows smashed, an ATM glued shut, and graffiti on the walls saying “Happy May Day”.

The Puget Sound Anarchists claimed responsibility, saying “Banks are responsible for putting families on the streets, for protecting the gems of the ruling class and for funding companies which destroy our world.”

At 7:00 pm, police received a call that 30 masked protesters had arrived at the home of Olympia Mayor Cheryl Selby in the 1900 block of Water Street SW. Protesters screamed chants of “Fu*k Your Yuppie Bullsh*t” as Selby came to the door and was seen presumably calling police.

Protesters immediately dispersed as police arrived on scene.

“I smell bacon! I smell grease! Must be the Olympia Police!” was one of the chants sung by protesters at Sylvester Park early in the evening. “And the State Patrol, they have no soul, they won’t let us poop in the pooping hole!” and don’t forget, “Steve Hall, is the manager of city hall, and he wants to turn this city into a mall!”


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