Multiple agencies will participate in mass casualty drill in Littlerock on Friday

Multiple agencies will participate in mass casualty drill in Littlerock on Friday

Don’t freak out if you see Black Hawk, Military FLA (Field to Litter), Fire Engines, Civilian Ambulance, Incident Command System and Personnel from both the National Guard and local Fire Departments commencing on Littlerock this Friday afternoon.

It’s just a drill. The event will begin at 1300 (1:00 pm) with people beginning to assemble at 11 am.

Here is the drill scenario: “On March 16th 2018 at 0221, a series of earthquakes hit in multiple areas along the Cascadia Subduction Zone, generating seismic activity from magnitude 4.9-7.7 on the Richter scale. Alaska suffers damage significant enough to need federal assistance. Oregon quickly becomes overwhelmed, diverting assets to Portland and Astoria. Seattle, Tacoma and the entire I-5 corridor receive significant damage that quickly exceeds first responder capabilities. Near Olympia, most of the surrounding Thurston county assets have been diverted to assist in search and rescue missions due to several collapsed structures in the downtown area. Secondary seismic activity continue to exacerbate the current status of the first responders, President Donald Trump declares a national emergency for the states of Oregon, Washington and Alaska.” said Capt. Lynette Dyer with West Thurston Fire.

She continues, “Managing to retain a small task force of volunteers and firefighters, the West Thurston Fire and surrounding fire agencies quickly begin to manage the situation of residents and surrounding constituents. Several buildings have collapsed from the initial and episodic secondary earthquakes. The Incident Command managed to establish an ICP, and LZ for patient extraction. Since then, all firefighters have quickly exceeded a manageable rotation. The National Guard has been activated for assistance. It is at that point the drill commences as the local medical branch of the National Guard arrives.”

photo courtesy West Thurston Fire.

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