West Olympia furniture store mysteriously shipped $170k worth of pot

West Olympia furniture store mysteriously shipped $170k worth of pot

Workers at a furniture store in Olympia got quite the surprise on Thursday morning after they discovered a package with furniture full of marijuana.

“The smell was overwhelming,” worker Marty Zaffina said.

Zaffina said he signed the delivery when it arrived at Hawks Prairie Home Furnishings, located at 400 Cooper Point Road Southwest, a couple of days ago, but it wasn’t until Thursday that they discovered the box was still unopened in the storage area.

“Jeff, the owner, was joking ‘You know what would be funny if this thing was full of pot’ and we all chuckled,” Zaffina said. Inside the box, they found a red ottoman with 25 pounds of marijuana stashed inside.

“We open it up, took one quick look, Jeff shuts the lid, and the joke was reality,” Zffina said. “There was as much weed as you could stuff in the ottoman. It was quite overwhelming.”

The ottoman was wrapped in green cellophane and had a packing slip inside.

The box was shipped from FedEx in Olympia to a South Carolina furniture store on July 11 but no one claimed it so the package got returned. Whomever sent the box, used Hawks Prairie as the return address and that’s how it ended up in Olympia.

“Someone had to have smelled it,” Zaffina said. “I didn’t smell it when the FedEx guy got here but he kind of gave me a look like ‘Here’s your package, bro.'”

Once the workers realized what was inside, they decided the smart thing to do was call police. Zaffina estimates the street value of all this marijuana is worth at least $170,000.

“Someone’s out a lot of money and I’m sure they’re quaking in their boots,” Zaffina said.

The marijuana is now being stored in the Olympia Police Department evidence room. Thurston County’s Narcotics Task Force is investigating.

photo courtesy – Jeff Olson

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