Intercity Transit seeks public input on the future of public transportation

The Thurston Regional Planning Council estimates more than 100,000 people will move into Thurston County over the next 20 years. That could mean more congestion on the roads and more demand for bus service.

“We need to know what services people would like to keep or add, how to make the system easier to use, and hear the community’s ideas for improving the quality and efficiency of public transportation options,” General Manager Ann Freeman-Manzanares said in a news release.

The agency recently launched an online survey at that asks people to pick which service improvements and amenities they want to see.

Among the options: more buses on weekdays or weekends, more routes, express services to regional destinations, more shelters or benches at bus stops, better lighting, or signs that tell you when the next bus will arrive.

Intercity Transit staff and volunteers also will survey people at transit centers and community events from now through September. Once survey results are in, the agency will release a list of possible improvements and consider ways to pay for them.

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